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chaos theory

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by affleck, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. affleck

    affleck Guest

    can anyone tell me why chaos theory backup will work on my mates ps2 and not mine when we are both using a flip case.
  2. Wagz

    Wagz Regular member

    Jul 29, 2004
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    Are you guys using the same swap disks and everything? If you are then the only thing I can think of is that you guys have different version ps2's and you burnt it on a media that you're ps2 can't read. What type of dvd did you use to burn the disk, is it a dvd + or - R? and are you able to get other backups to work on your ps2? Also, what exactly isn't working when you try and boot the disk?
  3. affleck

    affleck Guest

    we are both using swp disc v2, my ps2 is slightly newer than his. Any other game I have backed up with bulkpac discs have worked, I even tried using other discs. The bulkpac starts on my ps2 but when I press the x button to start solo is asks me to insert a ps2 disc, but it plays fine on his machine.
  4. FreeGamer

    FreeGamer Guest

    Some Playstation 2's will play a burnt copy of Chaos Theory no problem! But you are going to need the patch bro- It'll work then...Get the patch here www.swapmagicfix.com
  5. affleck

    affleck Guest

    thanks mate, i already tried it with the patch but i have a funny that his copy was already patched as it was got from a non original copy, i will get an original copy and give it a try, cheers anyway.

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