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Chip Or Swap??

Discussion in 'PS2' started by komod0, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. komod0

    komod0 Guest

    I know this would have been asked a lot but after 2 years of having my psx and ps2 games lost,scratched and other things,the time has come for a chip of slide tool. I am looking at a Matrix Infinity chip because it has auto select. I was thinking about a swap magic and slide tool but i dont like playing around with the tray and a flip top would not fit in tv cabinit thing.

    Is a mod chip worth it? because the swap magic could and will get scratched and i can not copy that? and someone said that the bood rate of swaping was 75% and the matrix infinity was 100%.

    Does anyone know any good installers in Sydney,Australia?

    Backups should be no problem as i have a DVR-108 and a spindle of go4s.


    Thankyou and cheers
  2. Gazcoigne

    Gazcoigne Regular member

    Mar 27, 2003
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    use swap magic. no extra load on your motherboard, much safer to use sm.

    get a flip top cover coz the slide card is crap and wrecks the eject mechanism.

    the compatibility with v3.3 is about 95% dont believe that chips have 100% coz they dont. the other 5% can be fixed with cdloader.

    you cannot copy swap magic but if you put it in its case after you use it it wont get wrecked. it will only get wrecked if you abuse it. Had mine for ages and not a mark on it.

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