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CloneDVD issues

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by RoboJer, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. RoboJer

    RoboJer Guest

    I just tried using the latest version I chose to rip the movie from DVD9 to DVD5 and saved the file to disk as a ISO file. The software was supposed to fit the file to a 4.7 GB single sided DVD-R disk. The program did not allow me to change the file size, but allowed me to deselect certain options on the Dvd to improve the quality of the ripped version.

    So I then opened Alcohol 120 to try to burn to a DVD-R. I opened the ISO file, and proceded to try to burn. Alchohol stated the file was too large to fit onto the DVD-R. What's the deal here? The stupid CloneDVD was supposed to fit the file to a 4.7 GB disk!

    Any thoughts? Any recommendations for other software to burn DVD movies to a DVD-R?
  2. deedeebee

    deedeebee Guest

    After you select the file to copy from your directory in CloneDVD, you're taken to the Information page. At the bottom of this page is bar showing projected disc quality and a drop-down box from which you can select the kind of disc to burn to. What disc is showing in this box? Make sure it's DVD-5 if you want it to fit on a single-layer DVD-R.
  3. jim_dandy

    jim_dandy Active member

    Jan 9, 2004
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    Hi RoboJer
    If you have clonedvd,why use alcohol to burn?
    Follow deedeebee's instructions,and it should work fine.
    dvd decrypter will also burn iso's,and its free,but since you have clone,use clone's burner.
    good luck
  4. RoboJer

    RoboJer Guest

    deedeebee, yes it was set to DVD5 with a projected file size of 4489 MB. But, when the file (ISO) was written it consumes 4889.51 MB. Thus the reason why it will not fit onto a 4700 MB DVD-R. I do not know why CloneDVD would state it was writing a file to fit onto a DVD-R, yet the final file size is too large. Is there a way to overburn DVD-Rs?

    What's the deal with CloneDVD. Are there two versions out there? I dled CloneDVD 3 from here:

    http://www.clonedvd.net/clone-dvd.html .

    Another version can be found here (v2.7.5.1):

    http://www.elby.ch/products/clone_dvd/index.html .

    What are the differences between these version?

    I just installed AnyDVD.

    I've been trying to evaluate different DVD programs out there. I like CloneDVD 3 interface. I tried DVDDecryptor. To me this interface is hard to understand. The two present the contents on the Video Disk differently. CloneDVD presents the files as Titles, but it is hard to determine which Titles I would like to keep. Decryptor presents them with VTS tags. Again difficult to determine which to keep. I'm confused. I would like to copy the whole disk sans foreign languages. Currently I'm getting Video quality in the 54% range. Is this bad? I would like to stick with single sided DVD-R disks due to costs. I do have a dual layer drive though. Should I copy just the main movie to a DVD-R? Is there a way to copy the rest of the special features to a video file to be watched on my computer (ie. the making of, bloopers, et al.)?

    Can anyone direct me to a good tutorial telling me what IFO, VOB, BUP extensions are?

  5. deedeebee

    deedeebee Guest

    This is the version you want to use, and it has a superb, user-friendly interface. Every disc I've ever burned with it has turned out very well. It isn't free, but you can get it at a discounted rate when purchased with the excellent AnyDVD program.

    I've never used the version you have and can't comment on the differences, but have seen people advising others to avoid it.
  6. Jerry746

    Jerry746 Senior member

    Oct 23, 2003
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    You have the wrong Clonedvd. That one is not a good program. You need Clonedvd2 by Elby Version 2751 as listed above. The one you have is a rip off version using the same name. The real Clonedvd2 is an excellent program when used with Anydvd.


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