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connecting to XBOX live

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by mishyd, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. mishyd

    mishyd Member

    Mar 4, 2007
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    Hi guys! I've got quite the doozy here . I've had my xbox live connected on my 360 before . We recently had a storm and it knocked out our phone ( which is a digital phone) so I unplugged my router to see if that would help at all . Well , needless to say it didnt , and now ive lost my connection on xbox live . when I run the tests , everything goes thru well except for when I get to the MTU's . It fails it after a few seconds of testing it . Now , I went into my router and checked the MTU's that it is giving off , and it is set at 1500 . Is there any reason known on why it is failing it , and how can I fix it ? Any help at all is appreciated . Thanks !
  2. JohnH666

    JohnH666 Guest

    I remember seeing on xbox.com that the MTU needs to be set im pretty sure above the 1500. But im having the same problem with the MTU. :( But Im going to get a router to see if i can change the MTU. k welcome bye

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