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Convert Japanese language w/ english subtitles to mpg from smartripper. Help please!

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by grimmy, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. grimmy

    grimmy Guest

    I have a dvd that has an option for Japanese language or English language. What I want to do is make an mpg of Japanese language with english subtitles. I know how to use DVD2AVI and TMPGEnc so theres no need to explain that to me.

    Everytime I try to convert it, it always gives me the english language and no subtitles. In stream processing section of smart ripper, audio japanese and subtitle english is checked. I've tried all three options of direct stream copy, demux to extra file, extract to new VOB. Nothing. What am I doing wrong? I need the experts here to tell me what to do step by step. Thanks.
  2. grimmy

    grimmy Guest

    Damnit, I accidently made a dublicate topic. Can anyone delete the other one for me? Anyway. Can anyone help?
  3. grimmy

    grimmy Guest

    Bump, anyone?

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