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Copy Protection

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by zaabaack, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. zaabaack

    zaabaack Guest

    Say posters I was just wondering is there some free online software that deletes or circumvent copyrighted dvd's?
  2. hursty

    hursty Active member

    Nov 22, 2004
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    you have written another post stating you use dvd shrink........
    what else do you mean??
  3. brobear

    brobear Guest

    Maybe one that works well. DVD Decrypter is the best freeware decryption tool. However you'll need an encoder, so you'll need DVD Shrink. Shrink rips, just not as well as DVD Decrypter. If you want to keep it free, rip in ISO mode and then you can use DVD Decrypter as a burner. Decrypter rips and doubles as a burner in ISO write mode. I suggest using the Nero 30 day trial as the burner for Shrink. Then there is the Recode2 in the 30 day Nero trial. No limits on the Nero trial. You can record on the cheap for a long time with these apps.

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