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Copying DVD-R to DVD+R

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by doyles, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. doyles

    doyles Member

    Jun 27, 2003
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    Are there any problems copying a DVD-R to a DVD+R? I have run into some home player compatibility problems on some DVD-R projects and am wondering if I can just take the DVD-R (which I burned) and read it with a machine that has a DVD ROM drive and then burn a DVD+R on that machines +R drive? I couldn't find anything in searching the forum on this. If there is a thread please give me the appropriate keywords.

  2. Tosca

    Tosca Guest

    You can either do copy on the fly or copy the files to HD and then burn it with nero.

    If the standalone has problems playing dvd-R then it is reasonable to assume that it will have probably more problems playing DVD+R.

    Is the player even DVD+R compatible?

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