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copying ps2 backup back up discs

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by spase, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. spase

    spase Guest

    hi ive backed a few of my games for the kids to destroy but when i go to copy a backed up disc in a1 condition it wont copy any ideas please
  2. steimy

    steimy Active member

    Dec 2, 2004
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    can't help without more info.
    what program do you use? I know i use DVD Decrypter and it works great. Also is free.
    What kind of media and is it +R or -R?
    I use Phillips 8X DVD-R and they work every time.
    also read the stick post in the general section about burning, it will tell you how to use just about every program to do it. If you don't already you will also need swap magic and a flip top or slide card in order to play them.
  3. spase

    spase Guest

    im using slimline ps2 with infinity 1.38 chip .when i put the disc into the computer it dosent even reconize it sony vaio pcg k315z. im using 4x budget dvd - rs but the game plays fine
  4. spase

    spase Guest

    sorry im using dvd decrypter

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