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Cut some minutes from a DivX 5.0 Video

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by matchman, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. matchman

    matchman Member

    Jun 28, 2002
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    Hi everyone, I have a little problem with a movie. It's too big to burn it on a cd. So is there any program which I can use to cut 1 or 2 minutes from that movie in order to make it fit on a cd?
    How long would that take and how can I do this with which program? (I'm using a Pentium 2MMX 400 with Win98).
    Thanks a lot for your help..
  2. churdy

    churdy Guest

    ok well, most DVD's when converted to mpg (vcd) should be about 1.2 gig, so they won't fit on a cd, so with a program called tmpge, when you convert the avi to mpg, all you need to do is go into settings/advanced/sournce range and click set start for the start and set end for the end where you want to end the 1st cd, then write down the end frame and for the second cd use 2 frames B4 the end of the 1st cd and click set start then drag the slide bar to the end and click set end, then encode that, and burn away
  3. dRD

    dRD I hate titles Staff Member

    Jun 10, 1999
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