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Cyclic Redundancy Error with I, Robot

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by shawnjeck, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. shawnjeck

    shawnjeck Guest

    I was just rying to backup I, Robot and I get a cyclic redundancy error about half way through when i reauthor or do a full copy. Any ideas....bad disk maybe? Have never had this issue before
  2. shawnjeck

    shawnjeck Guest

    Disreguard, I ran the disk through my DVD Doctor and it finally worked but went very slow, so it was abad disk. Thank You!
  3. DennisLee

    DennisLee Member

    Dec 22, 2004
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    I also have had serious trouble with I robot, I still haven't got it ripped yet , mine gives me errors about possibly another disk needing to be inserted like as if it had 2 disks, has yours done anything like this?

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