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DC++ ports

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by madmax123, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. madmax123

    madmax123 Guest

    hey, ive been using DC++ in passive mode for a while, and well....i just want to be able to get more sources for my downloads.
    i have 2 questions.

    1.)Do i enter my local i.p. in the settings box, or my actual internet i.p.

    2.) What ports do i need to open? when i was in a hub i was told to open 80, but that didnt work so any ideas?

    thanks in advance.

  2. bribren

    bribren Guest

    ya man i am the same,i was in passive mode for a while but now its giving me "Connection refused by target machine" all the time, i know there is afirewall here but im lost, im in the same boat as urself.sorry coudnt of being more help, did u ever get the same crap as this?
  3. Ch00kY

    Ch00kY Guest

    1.) You enter your actual internet IP, eg 202.xxx.xxx.xxx not 192.xxx.xxx.xxx and the port usually is 1412.

    2.) The port is usually 1412 if you have set the above correctly.

    For bribren: if you get "Connection refused by target machine" it doesnt mean anything with ports and that, mainly that means there hub is down.
  4. bribren

    bribren Guest

    thanks chooky for you reply,no it still giving me the same trouble,this firewall is playing tricks on me i think.The only thing is that it was working when i had it on passive mode.ill keep trying
  5. madmax123

    madmax123 Guest

    well first off, do all internet ip's start with 202 like LAN ip's start with 192? because the one i put in didnt.

    So i put taht in and opened port 1412 and still no luck :'( any other ideas?
  6. Ch00kY

    Ch00kY Guest

    Not all ISP have the same IP Address, I live in Perth, Australia. And my ISP Arachnet is 202 and 203 at the beggining. I have seen many different IP's, range from 172.xxx.xxx.xxx up to 203.xxx.xxx.xxx.

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