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DELETE aspect ratio selection screen

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by 19joey58, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. 19joey58

    19joey58 Member

    Feb 14, 2004
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    i have ripped a dvd (stuart little 2) that boots to an "aspect ratio selection"

    screen...however when i ripped i only copied the widescreen version so i do not need

    the full screen selection.... i know i can NOP or delete the buton with MENUEDIT but i

    am the anal type and would like to delete/skip this screen.

    on my first attempt i just deleted the vob and did not use ifoedit and of course the

    dvd just hung on boot up. then i read a guide but didn't understand were i choose

    "menu extras" or "VOB extras" (which is it for me in this situation) .... REGARDLESS i

    imagine if i follow the instructions the dvd would boot up to the main menu but when i

    press "play" i suspect a dead link....here is why

    the ORIGINAL dvd booted to the aspect ratio selection screen then the main menu

    (depending on what you selected the "play" button would start the proper aspect ratio

    version of the movie). when i first ripped the dvd i did not blank out the "fullscreen"

    button....and when i selected it it would proceed to the main menu and then the dvd

    would hang once play was selected (because there is NO full screen...btw the widescreen

    worked fine)

    so my ultimate question is how do i delete the aspect ratio screen allowing the dvd to

    proceed booting to the main menu and once the "PLAY" button is selected my widescreen

    version starts playing?........the only way i can see this working is if i can copy the

    button information from the widescreen selection button to the play button while

    deleting the complete aspect ratio selection screen....how can this be done?

  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    I personally do Not use any of those One Button Backup Tools Like DVD-Shrink or DVD2One to Backup My DVD"s so I can"t tell you if it is Possible useing one of those Tools but the Method I use For Backing up DVD"s Lets me use whatever Menu"s I want even ones I have created Myself or I can use the Ones on the retail DVD..What I do is I Rip the Whole Movie to my Hard drive and then I extract the audio Tracks I want to keep and throw away the ones I don"t ,And then I go through all of the Vob files and Cut out the Menus I want to use in the DVD and I cut out any special Features or anything else I want to put on my DVD..When I have all of the the Footage I want to put on my DVD together I see how big it is and if it is Too Big for a DVD-R I then encode it useing a High Quality Mpeg encoder to the Correct size so it fits on a DVD-R...I then use a DVD Authoring Program Like DVD-Lab to Create the DVD From Scratch by Putting in the Chapter Points in manually and arrangeing the Buttons on the Menu"s in the Correct order and then Putting the Correct Links to the buttons to the scenes and chapters they corespond to..It is Basicly like Creating the DVD From Scratch pretty Much the same way the Studio that created the DVD did it..one of the Cool things is you can Make your Own Special Features and add your Own Sound Tracks to the Motion menu"s and Create your Own menus out of Parts of the movie...It is a Bit Complicated if you have never Created a DVD From Scratch but it isn"t really that hard once you learn and it lets you choose what menu"s and Links you are going to use which is basicly what you wanted to do ,Right?? Well good Luck
  3. MysticE

    MysticE Active member

    Nov 15, 2003
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    Damn Minion, sounds like way too much work for me. I'll stick to the one-click tools. I'd just as soon go buy another with all the time, energy, steps and programs your system takes.

    Hey Joey what software you using? I haven't run into a DVD like that, but I do know that with InstantCopy 8 the 'Movie Only' mode always seems to get just the movie and if you use 'Custom Resize' you can pick, preview and choose/delete anything you like (and retain the menus if you like).


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