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Despertar del Cementerio. version 4

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by sicdude, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. sicdude

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    Jun 12, 2013
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    Get it here http://dark-alex.org/

    Here is the readme

    Changes in version 4

    - Installer now checks if user has a custom theme installed, and ask him to disable it before running the program.
    - the PSN DRM file in flash2 (act.dat) is now backuped during ms creation and restored in the unbrick.
    - flash2 is now formatted too.
    - Now installs 3.80 M33-5 instead of 3.71 M33-3.



    - If you have already a pandora ms, don't do this part. Otherwise,
    format an ms using c+d mspformat or any other tool that allows to move
    partition to ~250kb from first sector

    Remove ms, usb and connect again usb and ms.
    Make PSP and PSP/GAME dirs.

    - Copy despertar_cementerio to PSP/GAME/

    - Download 1.50, 3.40 and 3.80 update eboots and copy them to ms root with
    150.PBP, 340.PBP and 380.PBP names.

    - If you have a PTF custom theme set, quit it before running the program.

    - Use the app under a cfw with 2.x or 3.x kernel (be sure that kernel is
    selected on recovery to the correct one (2.x or 3.x))

    - Once finished, u will have msipl.bin on root. If you already have a pandora
    ms, you don't have to do this step (ipl doesn't changes lol), otherwise,
    use c+d msinst to install ipl on ms; or use dd command from unix, or any
    hex-edit program to write on sector 16 on the physical drive.

    - Now you can delete 340 and 150 PBP's, as they won't be used more; but 380.PBP
    will be used for unbricker, so don't delete it.

    - Now you have an universal pandora ms ready to go, and you just need a proper
    battery. If you have 1.50 kernel access, use c+d tool. Otherwise, use corly149 tool.

    Battery and ms will work on all psp and slims to this date.


    - Press X to install 3.80M33.

    - Press O to install original 3.80

    - Press [] to dump nand to nand-dump.bin. When done, psp will auto shutdown.

    - Press L+R+HOME+start to restore nand from nand-dump.bin

    This proccess is very dangerous, and you should *just* use it if it's your
    last chance to get it working.

    This is a physical restore process (not a logical one), and will try to make
    a 100% exact clon of the dump.

    If you are working with a dump that isn't yours, you will get either a brick
    or a corrupt idstorage, depending on the firmware.

    If while you are restoring your psp have got any damaged block more than
    when you dumped it, you might also get a brick, depending on what block is it.

    Works for both PSP and PSP Slim.


    Note: If you are gonna use the memory stick to restore a psp other than the one that created it,
    check if the file /registry/act.dat exists in the ms. If it exists, remove it, otherwise the restored psp may not be able
    to buy psn games until the user doesn't delete from flash2 the act.dat of the other psp. (act.dat files are unique for each psp).

    Note that act.dat will be restored to the moment of the MS creation.
    If you have bought other PSN game later, the act.dat file may have changed and if you restore the old one, you may loose the latest bought game.
    Backup flash2:/act.dat each time after you buy something from the PSN!
  2. 07anto07

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    May 21, 2007
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    cool thanks for the info :)

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