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devil may cry help needed please someone

Discussion in 'PS2 - Games' started by stryker69, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. stryker69

    stryker69 Guest

    hello everyone
    i seem to be haveing a problem with a ps2 game i have called
    devil may cry.
    i am useing swap magic version 3.6 and when i try to load devil may cry, swap magic tells me i need a bigger toc. what do i need to do to make my devil may cry load? can i rebuild it somehow? thanx everyone
  2. trsspidey

    trsspidey Member

    Oct 1, 2007
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    Hi there... I am having the EXACT same problem

    I found this topic here http://forums.afterdawn.com/message_reply_to_old_thread.cfm?thread_id=337940
    which implies that certain media are responsible or have better luck at working. I highly doubt that's the reason though.... If anyone can post their experience with devil may cry and swap magic as well I'd greatly appreciated it.

    as for my experience,
    I downloaded an iso that was a little over 4 gigs and burned that before learning about ToC and I got to the "this game contains gore and stuff" screen. I rebuilt the image using EXPERT by Gnie and also rebuilt it using iso buster and cddvd gen. Both rebuilds resulted in a black screen that simply froze.

    I really wanna play devil may cry, any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. mperagine

    mperagine Regular member

    Aug 20, 2007
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    What program did you use to burn it? I have the originals for all the Devil May Cry games so I haven't used swap magic on any of them, but thought I would try and help out a bit if i could.

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