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Disk Read Error fixed free by sony

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Fsu47, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Fsu47

    Fsu47 Guest

    The following thread was written by KabutoHunter at GameFAQs:



    This is the number you need to call if you're getting DREs. Sony will fix it for free even without a warranty.

    They will not fix it if you have installed a mod-chip. If you installed a one, just forget about getting this repair.

    They will still fix it if you took the warranty sticker off. The warranty sticker isn’t actually important to this repair since it only voids the warranty when there is a warranty. Since most of the people taking advantage of this haven’t had a valid warranty in years it doesn’t much matter. But just to be safe, don’t mention anything about doing that or opening it up or anything when you talk to them. Also, if Sony repaired your PS2 in the past, but the DREs came back, don’t worry. They’ll still do this for free; they may even replace it with a new one. And don’t worry if you’re under 18 or anything, Sony doesn’t care what age you are. All that’s needed for this repair is a DRE infected PS2.

    When you call up you need to talk to a real person. This is the Sony hotline, so there are a million recordings. Just listen for the option to talk to a Customer Service Representative and select that.

    While talking to them, make sure you specifically mention that you’re getting Disc Read Errors. Those are the magic words; you won’t get very far without saying “Disc Read Error.” After this they will ask you some questions such as if you’ve used any devices such as a GameShark, answer no. They will also ask you if you’ve used a cleaning device on the game disc, the answer to this is also no. They ask a few more questions, but those are the two important ones.

    Once you get the go-ahead for the free repair simply follow the instructions they give you. They’ll ask you if you want to write down the information or have them email it to you. I suggest having them email it to you since it’ll have the number that gets you the free repair already written at the top and it has all the blank spaces for you to fill in the necessary information so you won’t forget to put down anything.

    The repair is free, but you will have to pay for shipping it to Sony. However, they pay for shipping on the way back. It can vary depending on what shipping company you choose, but with insurance it nearly always costs less than $10. Make sure you get insurance when shipping it, you wouldn’t want to lose your PS2 just so you can save a few dollars on shipping.

    Once you’ve sent it off you can check on the status of your repair by calling up the number, going into the PlayStation 2 section, and then selecting the option that lets you check on your repair status. You enter in your phone number and it tells you when it’s assigned to a technician and after they finish the repair it tells you when it was shipped back to you.

    The repair time is always very short. It always takes less than three weeks, and in most cases takes less than half that time. In my previous DRE topics people were reporting getting their PS2s back within a week, and a few people even got theirs back in only 2-3 days! Sony is really repairing these things fast!

    This number also works in Canada, and you can get the free repair there as well. As for outside the U.S. and Canada, you'll need to call your own local Sony number to find out. The number will be located in your PS2 instructions in the warranty section. You can also find it on the package of any PlayStation accessory manufactured by Sony.

    If you’re considering using an FAQ to try and fix the problem yourself, I might think twice about that. I mean, would you rather risk trying to repair it yourself (I’ve talked to many people who broke their PS2s with those FAQs), or would you rather have it professionally repaired by Sony completely free of charge in just a week or two? The Sony repair is so fast, free, and easy; there’s really no comparing the two.


    I plan to call Sony in the future, because my PS2 is even worse now. I hope this helps!

  2. Fsu47

    Fsu47 Guest

    It works i just called and they said they will fix it for free
  3. Shin555

    Shin555 Guest

    is this only for US?

    cos i'm from the UK...

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