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Disk size question

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Z3120, Feb 12, 2007.

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    Jan 8, 2007
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    Posted in the wrong section (PS2 DVD Backup) Placing it here.

    Alright, strange thing happened with me from what I written in a previous thread where I tried to get asmodean's ToA version to work. Finally solved that problem with a media switch, which is really bugging me. Now here's my question, to those that could kindly answer cause I haven't really seen a clear answer. When you guys say something like "the backed-up game's TOC shouldn't be higher then (say average?) 4.36~4.38gigs of the Swap Magic's TOC if you want to play the game without doing a TOC refresh."

    Do you mean for example

    4.33 gigs <=== The size of the file when you look at it in properties or
    4.33 gigs (4,545,248 bytes) <=== The bytes mentioned near it?

    Another thing too. Seems like, when I shrunk the bytes to say (4,295,648) with the media I was previously using - 16x Sony DVD+R [AccuCore], it actually managed to play on my silver slim v15 PS2 when I loaded it with Swap Magic 3.8 DVD Coder but not without some slightly, longer then usual, loading times.

    When I try to play my uncompressed one, that's about 4,545,248 ~ 4,674,000 bytes, that's slightly less then the bytes of the TOC for my Swap Magic 3.8 DVD Coder disc, it can't even read the data and my laser keeps making these weird clicking noises when it tries to read the data further out from the center of the disc - which needs a TOC refresh. (don't exactly know how to do a TOC refresh for my PS2 either)

    But yeah, in conclusion, when I switched brands, from my 16x Sony DVD+R to a Taiyo-Yuden disc a friend gave me, I didn't need to go through any of these problems and could play it without compressing the file size. Strange? Yes, it was to me, but I need an answer if anyone is willing to help me out.

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