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Divx to dvd without crappy image

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by goglu666, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. goglu666

    goglu666 Member

    Apr 27, 2003
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    Ok, I got this problem. I got 22 divx(avi) file of around 100meg each (20-25 min each) so it's about 8hours in total. I want to fit them on one or two dvd with menu and everything.

    I tried TMPGenc but there too each file would take 1.3gig if I don't reduce quality.

    I was able to do an avi to dvd conversion with WinMpg video converter.It gave me mpg files of the same quality around 220 meg each wich is good.
    But after for authoring i got, on most software, an error that my audio or video is not compatible.

    With my mpg files...
    I tried ulead workshop but i have to put crappy image or it will take 57 gig (estimated space for creating video_ts folder).

    I tried demuxing the files and it gave me a mpv and mpa file. The closest i got then is with IFOedit but i can only do one mpv/mpa file to be created in vob (wich is quite the same size as the mpv+mpa file) but i wanted to have my 22 files on it.

    I tried joining the avi, but the audio get out of sync after the 1st video. Then i tried joining the mpg but the video get really laggy after the first one. Same thing joining the mpv and mpa file.

    Now im stuck....the only program that does not get an error is ulead and IFOEdit...but as i said...ulead gave me way too big files...

    I tried Boilsoft avi to svcd/dvd, Cucusoft avi to dvd 4.02(other version does not work and this one is demo so only 1 min is converted...but it seems to work.) DVD-Lab and SpruceUp.

    I'm out of idea so any one know how to put divx to dvd without taking oo much space and loosing too much quality, plz help me.

    Thnx to all of you

    P.S. I read i many places that mpeg files is a good source for dvd playback...does that mean that EVERY dvd is able to read mpeg files (like the one i created with Winmpeg using the avi to dvd function).
  2. drchips

    drchips Active member

    Nov 29, 2003
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    Hiya goglu666,

    some observations first:

    a DivX file of 100 Meg holding 20-25 mins video IS NOT going to be GOOD QUALITY.

    Either it is small frame size OR a very lossy compression OR both (play the file FULLSCREEN and pause it, then have a look for softness/fuzzy etc).

    If quality is important to you, bear in mind the following:

    1 - There is NOTHING you can do to improve the quality of the SOURCE (the DivX file), once detail is lost it cannot be recovered, merely compensated for to a greater or lesser extent.

    2 - Minimise the transcoding steps (each transcode WILL lose quality, tool choice is VERY important here)

    3 - QUALITY COSTS, in processing times AND file sizes AND complexity (though the file size cost is really only temporary).

    4 - 8 hours of video on a DVD is going to be REALLY sucky quality, no matter how many magic incantations you perform over your PC: keeping it to 2 hours or less per DVD will minimise quality loss - 4 DVDs.

    So, if you want best possible quality AND are prepared to pay the cost (processing/temp storage/complexity) I can guide you with respect to tools, settings, procedures etc. (WARNING: it does take a lot of resources).

    About your PS:
    DVD Video (VOB) is a rigid and specific sub-set of MPEG 2, which is a sub-set of MPEG.

    Not ALL MPEGs are suitable for DVD.

    Have Fun...


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