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Divx/Xvid Or VCD/SVCD On PS2?

Discussion in 'PS2' started by stupidguy, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. stupidguy

    stupidguy Guest

    I know there has been numorous threads on this but none have fully answered my question I would like to play movies i can make on a 80min/700mb cd-r.I have nero 6 and a cd burner(duh!) but no mod chip or flip top but I do have an action replay v2.Any help will be greatly appreciated :D
  2. robert34

    robert34 Guest

    you can not play vcd on ps2, unless you encode it differently into a dvd compatible format. But you need a dvd burner.

    You can however play divx and xvid movies on ps2 using ps2 reality player. Look at my signature below for a full guide on everything and the tools needed.

    You need a method of playin backups. Action Replay wont do the job alone. Also fliptops and swipe cards, dont play ps2 reality discs with the movies that are over 650mb. You would need a direct boot modchip like Magic 3.1, Messiah2, DMS3.

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