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DNAS online

Discussion in 'PS2' started by s2god, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. s2god

    s2god Regular member

    Dec 25, 2004
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    I play online. socom 2 mostly. Do you know when it says authenticating DNAS? well someone hacked socom 2 and now its messed up. does anyone kno how to hack it or hack the dnas or how to patch up this?
  2. cmmnsense

    cmmnsense Guest

    I can't even sign in today the two servers, international and north american universes are both gone, i got booted this morning for making a silly comment "I blame the cubans." I didn't know the had a moderator, probally because of the server condition ie. lag/bad/never have i seen before. The universes crash and the techies are touchy touchy i guess. DNAS for what I know, is a code Sony checks to make sure the game is legit, it is lossed when burning a copy but can be patched back in. I don't know what happened put it has to be a hack, I mean holy crap- the international universe is allowed to play with our universe (North America) and in two weeks everything is stf^, When I did get on this morning There was no rooms open and they had disappeared, parts of character's boies were gone and people were invincible. My first theory still stands... The Cubans. And I'm not kidding either, there is some wealth in Cuba first off so they'l have players. And what a way to get us back/screw us over for our past conflicts since the late-late 1800's. No part of this of this is intended to be racially biased but this is an actual theory, since the international universe joined ours(not necessarialy Cuba, UK has some decent hacks I hear).

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