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Do "Choice" brand DVD-R play in a PSX 2 ?

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by XLR8R, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. XLR8R

    XLR8R Member

    Aug 17, 2002
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    Reason i ask is, i have burned a few movies which play fine in my Philips 955 Stand-alone player, but my ps2 doesn't want to know ? it wont even recognise it as a disk ?
    I am ripping with dvd decrypter, Ifoedit'ing then writing with Nero or Prassi Premo. Same results each time. Can anyone confirm if i should be "closing" the DVD'R when burning, or does it even matter?
    Are there certain settings in Prassi or Nero that i need to change other than defaults. ie. Close session etc etc
  2. t_durden

    t_durden Guest

    no they don't.

    i bought 10 choice dvd-r's. i thought that they would be great cuz they can write at 2x. only one from the 10 actually works properly on my ps2 - and that one's a bit dodgy. i even tried recording it at 1 speed. still shit.

    my advice is to ditch the choice dvd-r's and go for either Princo or the White Label brand. depending on what country you're from of course.

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