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done authoring w/Spruce but problems burning

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by Physiks, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. Physiks

    Physiks Guest

    1."The remaining disc write operations will be abort"..i recieved this error while using SpruceUp to write the dvd.
    2. I have followed the guides to use SpruceUp. Everything was ok but i can seem to get the videos to play automatically on Windows Media Player after being burnt. When i click on Simulate it plays perfect with sound thanks to the a3c file. All i need is to burn it on a dvd-r. All that i see on the dvd are files. Windows Media Player doesn't recognize it as a dvd i guess. I'm fustrated please help.
  2. Physiks

    Physiks Guest

    ^SpruceUp did import the .m2v and .a3c file sucessfully. I just need
  3. Needakip

    Needakip Regular member

    Jul 11, 2002
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    I can't get spruce up to wtite to dvd either , so i write to Harddrive instead . Sellect Title set on output to bar.I then delete the small files ( can't remember the names ) and then use ifo edit to "create IFOs"

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