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Double shrinking

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by Oopsla, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Oopsla

    Oopsla Guest

    Whenever I have a movie that I kinda want to keep the extra material with out making stills of it. I run it through Shrink twice. The first pass keeping the main movie above 80% compression and the crunching everything else. This results in about a 5.5 gig folder. On the next pass I can usually get it down to the 4.7 gig size. My questions are this.

    I cannot see any real degredation to the main movie (extras yes) doing it this but I only have a 27 in. TV. Anybody out there ever do this? If so, do you see extra noise?

    A trouble I have with Shrink--
    It seems even though I set Shrink to make a larger then 4.7 gig file that it throws out what I did and compresses the files as it feels necessary to make 4.7. I do click on the statement saying that I willingly making a larger then DVD file structure. This ONLY happens when I initially do this. (I pitch this folder and start over) The next time I run the disk with my settings it keeps the settings I asked for. Very weird and I cannot figure out why the first attempt almost always fails. (haven't actually kept notes). Other notes on this: I do deep analysis and I have Shrink set to burn the disk automatically through Nero. (I stop it after the first pass as I know it won't fit.)

    la Oops
  2. Car.Mike

    Car.Mike Active member

    Jan 24, 2004
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    Why do you not go ahead and set the DVD Target size to custom and the size to 4300 Mb?. You can use Deep analysis and the Quality enhancements features to achieve the same quality and maybe better as you are not using the Quality Enhancements.
    If I am going to do the whole disk I use DVDRebuilder and CCE. Takes longer but I think the quality is a little better. An encoder(CCE) is better that a trancoder(Shrink)
  3. Oopsla

    Oopsla Guest

    I do use the quality enhancements for both passes. Shrink only allows you to compress the video so much before it bottoms out. I do not allow Shrink to let the main movie go below 75%. Most DVD throw a lot of extras that make 75% hard to maintain. To do this I Shrink it twice which allows me to reduce the extra junk more and keep the main movie relatively clean. But as I said I don't have no stinkin 120" TV like my bro so I cannot see any artifacts that Shrink might of created. (I like the extra stuff but do not need to see it as clear as the movie as it is usually the director sitting there jabbing off.

    Why not decoder and CCE? I was always leary of buying CCE Basic. I figured i'd buy a double sided burner soon enough. Just hasn't come to fruition yet.
  4. Ppower

    Ppower Regular member

    Feb 7, 2005
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    Why don't you try Rebuilder with a free encoder like QuEnc or HC? Rebuilder lets you steal 25-50% of the space from the extras. Compare your results and I'm sure Rebuilder would give you the best results. And keep in mind CCE is even better than the free encoders

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