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Downgrade For Slim PS3 Slim ConsolDowngrade For Slim PS3 Slim Consoles On Firmware 3.70

Discussion in 'PS3 - Modding & Hacking' started by 07anto07, Aug 17, 2011.

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    And here it is: The tutorial, courtesy of dospiedra, for downgrading PS3 OFW 3.70 to CFW 3.55. Now I wouldn't attempt this if a) you're scared, b) you suck at soldering, or c) you have absolutely no tech. skills whatsoever. Otherwise, if you know what's up and have a ProgSkeet or Teensy++ 2.0, then solder up and get your downgrade on.

    Translation provided by Mximposter:

    Hello everyone, I finally got it, we have a downgrader for SLIM consoles, this time a bit different that I did with PHAT models, I made it for both flashers, ProgSkeet and Teensy++!

    First You Need:

    PHAT or SLIM console with NOR updated to 3.70 (*DO NOT TRY WITH ANOTHER VERSION*)
    Solution to write and read the NOR of the console (flasher ProgSkeet or Teensy++)
    HXD program (a good-hex-editing-program, that you like and know how to use!)
    FlowRebuilder v.
    A cold beer (this is important)
    http://pastebin.com/yuvJ5Leh Downgrade.bin

    First we dump our NOR with a flasher, the file size must be “16,777,216 bytes” no byte more or a byte less, take several to be absolutely sure of what you doing.

    Get the dump “example jakemcallister.bin” and we have to get it into FlowRebuilder to make it readable, the option is called bytereverse dump and extract.

    Do it and you will have a file but the extension will be bin.REV open it with the HXD and take out our personal data of the console EID, BOOTLOADER, CSID and METLDR.

    Now we need to put even more data!

    We get it with the following way:

    In this case we get our METLDR in our prepatched image for downgrade attached in this tutorial inside the folder where FlowRebuilder had placed our.rev also has created another folder called “nameofthedump.EXT” in there are our personal files of our console and we need to get some to place em inside the pre-patched image that I attached.

    Open the HXD and open downgrade.bin and the metldr file that is inside the folder asecure_loader, we pick the tab on the HXD metldr and copy all the HEX content to get in inside the downgrade.bin.

    Press control + g and write “810″ thats the position of the metldr right click on the first line of the position 810.

    And choose “paste writing” and in the same way we introduce the other ones

    The files to get in are:

    - :METLDR: offset “810″ size “E960"
    - BOOTLOADER_0 offset “FC0000″ size “40000"
    - EID: offset “2F000″ size “10000"
    - CISD: offset “3F000″ size “800"

    Then we take the downgrade.bin with the saved changes and we get in FlowRebuilder with the option bytereverse dump and extract.

    This time the program will give us a error, but is a normal error, in fact is okay and will give us a file called downgrade.bin.REV.

    And thats the file you have to use to “flash” the console with now.

    If all went well at writing, turn on the console and you will see in the screen push the PS button, BUT DON'T DO ANYTHING ELSE, turn off the console and put it in factory service mode, once done we need to put the correct file system for 3.55 lv2diag of jaicrab without reader and a special cfw:

    lv2diag: http://www.logic-sunrise.com/telecha...r-jaicrab.html
    cfw: http://pastebin.com/03MFDLGV

    Turn on the console with the usbstick with these two files in the right usb port (in the last) of the console and it will shut down after 10 / 15 minutes, turn on the console without any usb connected to verify that you did it correctly it will take you to xmb.

    If all went well turn off the console and put your lv2diag FILE2 from this pack: http://pastebin.com/gGETcxMR

    The console will turn on for 20 seconds will turn off itself and CONGRATULATIONS your console will be 100% functional and running 100% the kmeaw CFW 3.55 now!

    I have updated the position of METLDR that was earlier misplaced, the correct offset is "810" size ”e960″, please make note of this, it is VERY IMPORTANT!

    Attached are two files; the downgrade pack, which contains all the required files, and a new app that automatically hex edits "downgrade.bin" for you, making the whole process a tad easier.

    transplante v1

    Good luck and props to all the devs. who made this downgrade possible.

    - source: ps3crunch
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2011

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