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Downgrading my Friends PSP need to know something

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by Dainton1, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Dainton1

    Dainton1 Member

    Mar 24, 2007
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    Ok I am not sure if my friend has the latest motherboard or the early good one...will using the 3.03 downgrade screw his psp up?

    just need to know coz I did mine and my bros but just wanna be safe with my mates
  2. fultonla

    fultonla Guest

    i am pretty sure the 3.03 downgrader works for any motherboard.

    but don't take my word for it just get a few different tuts on downgrading 3.03 and see what they say

    just rtfm
  3. Bill3Hill

    Bill3Hill Guest

    If he has the TA082, they will prompt him to repair that motherboard, which if he does will downgrade to 1.5, then upgrade to whatever custom firmware you want. I just got through this, make sure you follow the instructions exactly, and don't unplug your charger.
  4. staxx

    staxx Regular member

    Nov 12, 2006
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    Yes the 3.03 downgrader works on all mother boards

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