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downloaded ps2 game help

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by ehsan_c, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. ehsan_c

    ehsan_c Guest

    hi i just wanted 2 know if anybody can help me.
    I have downloaded Time splitters future perfect which is 3.04 gigs using bit comet.
    When it finished downloading it gave me the following files:

    EliteWeBt3 - Tu WeB de DesCaRGaS.url Unknown
    go-tspl.nfo Unknown
    go-tspl.r00 48 MB
    go-tspl.r01 48 MB
    go-tspl.r02 48 MB
    go-tspl.r03 48 MB
    go-tspl.r04 48 MB
    go-tspl.r05 48 MB
    go-tspl.r06 48 MB
    go-tspl.r07 48 MB
    go-tspl.r08 48 MB
    go-tspl.r09 48 MB
    go-tspl.r10 48 MB
    go-tspl.r11 48 MB
    go-tspl.r12 48 MB
    go-tspl.r13 48 MB
    go-tspl.r14 48 MB
    go-tspl.r15 48 MB
    go-tspl.r16 48 MB
    go-tspl.r17 48 MB
    go-tspl.r18 48 MB
    go-tspl.r19 48 MB
    go-tspl.r20 48 MB
    go-tspl.r21 48 MB
    go-tspl.r22 48 MB
    go-tspl.r23 48 MB
    go-tspl.r24 48 MB
    go-tspl.r25 48 MB
    go-tspl.r26 48 MB
    go-tspl.r27 48 MB
    go-tspl.r28 48 MB
    go-tspl.r29 48 MB
    go-tspl.r30 48 MB
    go-tspl.r31 48 MB
    go-tspl.r32 48 MB
    go-tspl.r33 48 MB
    go-tspl.r34 48 MB
    go-tspl.r35 48 MB
    go-tspl.r36 48 MB
    go-tspl.r37 48 MB
    go-tspl.r38 48 MB
    go-tspl.r39 48 MB
    go-tspl.r40 48 MB
    go-tspl.r41 48 MB
    go-tspl.r42 48 MB
    go-tspl.r43 48 MB
    go-tspl.r44 48 MB
    go-tspl.r45 48 MB
    go-tspl.r46 48 MB
    go-tspl.r47 48 MB
    go-tspl.r48 48 MB
    go-tspl.r49 48 MB
    go-tspl.r50 48 MB
    go-tspl.r51 48 MB
    go-tspl.r52 48 MB
    go-tspl.r53 48 MB
    go-tspl.r54 48 MB
    go-tspl.r55 48 MB
    go-tspl.r56 48 MB
    go-tspl.r57 48 MB
    go-tspl.r58 48 MB
    go-tspl.r59 48 MB
    go-tspl.r60 48 MB
    go-tspl.r61 48 MB
    go-tspl.r62 48 MB
    go-tspl.r63 48 MB
    go-tspl.r64 14 MB
    go-tspl.rar 48 MB
    go-tspl.sfv Unknown
    LEGAL.txt Unknown
    Votanos - Vote Us.url Unknown

    I want 2 burn the game onto dvd so that i can play it on my chipped ps2 but i dn't know if i have 2 burn all of the files onto the dvd.
    Can any1 be kind enough 2 tell me which files i need 2 burn 2 play this game.
  2. I_Am_High

    I_Am_High Member

    Mar 14, 2005
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    These are all rar archive files, so you will need a program like winrar or winace to unpack them. Once you have one of those programs, just double click on the first file that is followed by the "00". You will see something like a cd that represents an iso image file. Either select a folder and extract it to there, or just drag it out of the window right to your desktop and it will extract everything it needs automatically from all the other files. Then you can just take that image file and burn it.

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