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Drive proublems

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by gasaxe, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. gasaxe

    gasaxe Guest

    my rom drive stop working! just wondering if i can swap it with another 360 that is junk.also do they have to be the same model..
  2. Nu2Mods

    Nu2Mods Guest

    the firmwares are locked to the console
  3. modster

    modster Regular member

    Oct 6, 2004
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    did you extract the key from the broken dvd rom drive?

    if the broken dvd rom drive was firmware flashed, you can use the orig.bin and flash a new identical dvd rom drive and it will work.

    orig.bin => comes from when you use mktflash r orig.bin when you first flashed your broken dvd rom drive.

    if you do not have the orig.bin, then you are toast!

    Last edited: Jan 11, 2007

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