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dropped psp, has power-screen on, no picture

Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by mwhittak, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. mwhittak

    mwhittak Guest

    Hello people,

    I need some help here please. Son's psp, no home brew, just games like grand theft or 007, a few mp3's...Anyway, he dropped it. It powers up (green light.) The screen gets an ambiance of light, but nothing else. I guess it's a darkish blue. Anyway, it's lit up. There's no graphics, no words, & no sound. The brightness button-nothing, nor removing the card, then replacing it. Same thing with or without umd(game.)

    I have it disassembled; took the screen with its backlight loose(thanks for the instructions I found here!) and then reconnected it; also took the board loose beside the yellow jack (took the ribbon loose, then re-inserted it.)

    It is back together partially (enough to verify that the condition still hasn't changed.)

    SOmeone please tell me that there's a little wire under there that I just can't see or find....save my day (night.)

    Or maybe I can load something on the card that'll check it(fix it light magic!!)?

    ANd please don't tell me to get pantera's battery,
    You deserve to chuckle, ha ha! it's pandora, right?! Laugh a little, and help a mom and a seven year old, super skate boarding, PSP head!!-He can olley!

    Thanks guys-I know you always do what you can.

    Have a great evening.
    (BTW-lightbulb day for me-I played a .flac file--yeah!!!)
    See--Not all DUMBS are BLONDE.
    My Best,
  2. 07anto07

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    May 21, 2007
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