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DVD-9 ReEncoding...

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by chunkyass, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. chunkyass

    chunkyass Guest

    I am attempting to do the following...any ideas on if it will work?

    1) Used SmartRipper to copy all filed to HD

    2) Found out with DVD-R calc how much I will have to compress files to fit on one DVD

    3) USed DVD2AVI to get Sound file...

    4) Using TMpge to reencode just main movie (no extras, no behind the scenes) to .m2v file

    5) Using Tmpge to rip a .BMP of main menu

    6) Using DVDMaestro to build the DVD

    Does this sound like an ok plan?
  2. lebidou

    lebidou Guest

    This sounds like a good plan, but you will definitely loose all subtitles & chapters. It would be great to be able to replace only the MPEG stream in the VOBs. Anyone heard about tools capable of that ?
  3. Adder_78

    Adder_78 Guest

    You dont loose chapters and subtitles if you use ChapterXtractor for chapters and SubRip for subtitles and import those in the DVDmaestro... you can find great guides in Doom9's page

  4. chunkyass

    chunkyass Guest

    I guess I have had success with this before and didnt know it. I compiled a project with DVDMaestro and when I tried playing it with IFOEdit, the video and audio were out of synch (much like when I played it in Power DVD). Well...for the heck of it I burned it to DVD. Well, no problems at all...it works FANTASTICALLY!!! My only question now is this : some posts talk about de-muxing with IFOEdit....how is this possible???
  5. Freaky

    Freaky Member

    Nov 7, 2002
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    just do it this way if you want to fit it on one cd = "DVD-9 to DVD-5 "full copy" instructions" on the doom9.net site
  6. chunkyass

    chunkyass Guest

    I have done it according to the site. Like I said...there are some posts talking about using IFOEdit to demux (which I assume is where you get the .m2v and the .ac3 files). I can do that with TMpge, but it takes forever on my machine (433mHz Celeron, 256MB Ram, HP Pavilion). Using TMpge takes 10x the length of what I am trying to demux.

  7. lebidou

    lebidou Guest

    You can demux while ripping. Simply use SmartRipper , it will create the .ac3 & m2v files at the same time you are ripping. You are really courageous to do this with a 433 Celeron.

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