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Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by pcfanatic, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. pcfanatic

    pcfanatic Guest

    Hi,I am having big problems with my copy of dvd x copy gold.I have copied two of my own dvd movies and neither will play in either my pc or my sony standalone dvd player.I am using xp home with the latest btc 8x burner and imation dvd+rw disks.The burnibg goes fine but when I try to play the movie I get a message stating that the disk is dirty or damaged(scratched)As neither is the case I am wondering if it could be the brand of disk.Anyone any suggestions to a cure please?Regards,pc fanatic.
  2. RWG

    RWG Regular member

    Jun 2, 2003
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    Some players have isssues with RW media but they should play in your computer. I use Imation and Vertbatim +RW discs with no problems. I'm using a 4X NEC ND-100A +R/W burner.

    I ditched all my 321Studios programs; DXC, EXPRES, GOLD and Platinum; for DVD Shrink and Nero 6. If you don't have DVD Shrink or haven't tried it you should. If you can Shrink and rip the movie to your HD and burn with Nero it would take the BTC 8x burner out of the problem.

  3. pcfanatic

    pcfanatic Guest

    Many thanls for the prompt reply.I tried burning with dvd x copy express which comes with gold and bingo everything works fine.I will investigate the problem with gold.Nero came with my burner but I have had major problems with nero in the past and I leave it alone.My cd writing I use roxio which also covers dvd but I did not have much luck burning dvd s with that either.I have successfully burned a dvd that works perfectly in all systems so I am delighted.Thanks again regards pcfanatic.

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