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DVD copy

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by novice123, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. novice123

    novice123 Guest

    I would appreciate any help I can get, I have downloaded DVD Shrink, DVD43, and the free version of NERO. I have DVD's that I would like to copy. I inserted the DVD into my DVD rom. I then opened DVD shrink and opened the DVD source. I then went to back up and clicked backup to my DVD burner. The files are on the target DVD and I can watch on my computer, problem is I can't watch on either of my DVD players attached to my TV, It doesn't recognoze the disc. Please help, at this point I have wasted 10 DVD+/- R's.
  2. novice123

    novice123 Guest

    I forgot to say, if its needed. I am using a 2.26 Ghz P4 machine with windows xp home. Thanks again for your help in advance.

  3. Chonko17

    Chonko17 Guest

    I've made a few coasters also, I learned to burn to dvd RW then copy it once you're sure it works.

    DVD decripter is a better ripper than shrink.

    Shrink will burn so you don't need Nero.

    Google search will find a download site...
    Good Lluck....

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