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DVD Dcrypter & Shrink BOTH Failed Me :(

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by redsoxwin, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. redsoxwin

    redsoxwin Guest

    Hi Gang, It's 3:37AM Sat as i sit here preparing my 1st-ever question here soo Please--forgive my typoes etc.
    My Heartfelt THANK YOUs go out to the inventors of these genius programs---you peoplemay not realize the pure JOY you have given me, anyway, as I have been coping w/ my own issues. This hobby has truly kept my sanity--Now to the BIG Quest--
    I can NOT backup my personal copys of Gladiator 2000 &
    "The Empire Strikes Back" w/ either pgm !! For the life of me I don't know what the heck I'm doing wrong !!
    I have 2GB ram-so I've increased the Buffers of Dycrypt to the max--it used to work ???
    Should I just resign myself to hooking up a Video cable from my home DVD player & record them thru my TV capture card--@ a crappy 245+ lines of resolution and try to back them up w/ Pinnacle ???
    Thanks ahead of time for your time & thank you Afterdawn . . .
    FYI: I'm using a Micro Advantage DVD+-R 16X;
    Ridatta (8X tho i burn @ 4X) or Tao Juden blanks at 4X
    P.S. My son's "Garfield the cat" gave me the same headaches---r these movies using super protection ?
    I wish I knew what it was so i could tell a few old girlfriends.
    Thanks Folks--Happy Holiday
  2. wild77

    wild77 Guest

    What version of Decrypter are you using and have you tried Re-installing and using the default settings.

    Are you getting any Error Messages?
  3. redsoxwin

    redsoxwin Guest

    Dear Wild77- I'm using the latest .40 of Decrypt. as well as the update to Shrink. I DID make progress about 4:30am tho: I kept reading thru the blur of threads here & i came across some1 who suggested running Decryt. in the file mode--**b-4 i forget, no error messages--just that BOTH programs stopped dead during the reading of Video 04...and the note--could not read.
    So back to the temp. cure: I got Decryptor to COPY ALL but #4 a 1GB file, then I went back and attempted to copy #4 AGAIN..alone. It only got 60%--but instead of deleting the file when asked--I cliked no--so that it would still be SAVED amoung the entire colection of files for THE GLADIATOR. I opened that vid 4 file in my PowerDVD player & it played for nearly 13min flawlessly---I felt vindicated as I confidently OPENED ROXIO DVD 6 COPIER and viola--a vivid, colorful copy of the "Glad-Man" in wondrous 5.1 super Hi-Fi (remember that Howdy Doody fans ?)
    I did happen to have ANYdvd running in the background THO--I must confess--i could NOT find any 1,2,3 + directions on HOW TO USE ANYDVD !!!!
    SO I LEFT IT active, as Decrypter did its thing. and I got a copy for "safekeeping."
    I hope i answered what u wanted to know.
    I just hope i don;t need any PLAY-4-PAY pgms--
    thanks for your time WILD77.
  4. bilbo65

    bilbo65 Regular member

    Feb 24, 2005
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    AnyDVD runs in the background, sitting in your tray waiting for a DVD to be put in your drive. When it detects a DVD, it automatically removes all protection schemes and regions. It will give you a report if selected. Takes no operator interaction.

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