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dvd decrypter help.

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by syracuse, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. syracuse

    syracuse Guest

    I used the dvd decrypter with my dvd burner to burn a ps2 game, but it says that my blank cd doesn't have enough space. the size of the dvd is like 4 million, and then the space on the blank cd is like 700 thousand. my blank cds are 80 min. Please help me. Oh yeah. one more question. what if I want to burn a dvd using the decryter, but the size of the dvd has too many bytes? Can I get something for it or what? Please reply.
  2. shola

    shola Guest

    You said it right there burn it to a dvd-r not a dvd+r i use verbatim or maxell dvd-r there great.You see dvd decrypter can not burn on cd-r if you look on your original game it would say dvd rom or compact disc and that's when youll know if you have to use a dvd or a cd-r to burn on.Use dvd decrypter for dvds and use alcohol 120 to burn on cds.
  3. syracuse

    syracuse Guest

    What type of cd-r do you use? What brand? How many minutes, 80 or 120? Where is the cheapest you can get it?

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