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DVD Decrypter...San Andreas is taking space but is not on my harddrive...

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by aaron2004, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. aaron2004

    aaron2004 Guest

    Hello..I used DVD Decrypter to Read GTA San Andreas today and it said that i did not have enough hard drive space when it was 93 % done, and I didnt, so I went and removed some of my files, and then i went back and continued the read and then when i went to open up the .ISO file, it was not there...it was an I0I file, and it said that the file is corrupt or is not for dvd decrypter...SO I deleted it and 3 other san andreas files with wierd filenames, and I had 5 gb of space of hard drive space before i started the reading, and i had 1 gb of space on my hard drive after reading it...so when i deleted it i only have 1.65 gb of hard drive space...and i can not figure out where else it went other than that .iso file for gta...so...if anyone can please help me on this problem please do so. I really need that space so i can try to burn another backup for my games. Thanks.
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  2. SuzukiBlu

    SuzukiBlu Guest

    Try checking in C: that is where i found my lost DVDIMAGE along with the .mds file.

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