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dvd-decrypter to dvd+rw to PS2 HDD

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by mtloop, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. mtloop

    mtloop Guest

    Can I;
    1. After backing up a game to my PC HDD using DVD-Decrypter

    2. Drag these files to a DVD+RW

    3. Use Winhiip to write the files from the DVD+RW in the PC to the PS2 HDD connected to the PC

    4. Would I be able to write from multiple DVD+RW to the PS2 HDD in one session.

    5. everything I have found using google, the faq and posts in this forum mentions an external USB enclosure or putting the PS2 drive directly into the PC for writing with winhiip to the PS2 HDD. Is there some difference using an external firewire enclosure?

    The reason I want to do it this way is to save a mod of the PS2 and not have to pull the HDD from the PS2 each time I want to delete a game and add a game backed up to the DVD+RW.

    I have HD Loader Advance for a direct install of the game, but would like to keep a backup in case something happens to the PS2 HDD.

  2. WEStar

    WEStar Active member

    Jun 13, 2003
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    I haven't used these tools but from what I understand you can just transfer the game from an .iso to the hdd connected to the pc using winhiip can't you?
  3. mtloop

    mtloop Guest

    It all seemed logical to me, but am not sure about the firewire enclosure.

    I have an old 40GB HDD in the PS2 now, and a new 200GB drive on the way and a couple of games backed up to DVD+RW. I guess it is time to do a bit of trial and error. I can't see what difference it would make to Winhiip if the iso file is on a PC HDD or a DVD.

    It appears that Winhiip wants to see the PS2 formatted HDD before it will let you search for an iso file.

  4. mtloop

    mtloop Guest

    Trial and error over.
    backed up game to PC using DVD Decrypter, copied the files to DVD+RW using Ulead Burn Now.

    Pulled the HDD from the PS2, put it in one of the firewire external enclosures for my PC, ran Winhiip and it found the PS2 drive OK. this is drive N: on the PC, just pulled the drive that was in there and put the PS2 HDD in.

    Used Winhiip to get the image from the DVD+RW to the PS2 HDD, put the drive back into the PS2, fired it up with HD Loader, and game was there.

    As I said the reason for going through all of this was to have a backup of the game on DVD media in case something happens to the new 200GB drive for the PS2


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