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DVD Decrypter vs Alcohol 120%

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by ironbiter, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. ironbiter

    ironbiter Guest

    Here is my boggle:

    I have been using DVD Decrypter to decrypt and ultimately burn my DVD after re-authoring it with Shrink. The discs were playing fine in my home DVD player (it's a Sony model I bought back in 2000, I forget the model number) but when I stick it in other DVD players (including PS2), it says it can't play that type of media. Puzzled, I started using Alcohol 120% to burn the image instead of DVD decrypter. The resulting disc plays fine in every DVD player! Does anyone know why? It seems as though DVD decrpyter is burning a VCD or something, but I have no idea why since all config settings are correct (unless I missed something). I'm using an LG GSA-4081B DVD burner in a Dell P4 CPU with Windows XP (I bought 6 months ago) using Memorex DVD+R discs. Thanks guys!!
  2. herbsman

    herbsman Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 3, 2002
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    People normally only use DVD Decrypter if they're burning a DVD-5 [single layer - under 4.37GB].
    DVD Decrypter will only burn ISO image , where I believe Alcohol 120% is more flexible.
    I personally use these programs for back ups;
    DVD Decrypter
    DVD2One 1.40
    Nero 6 Ultra Edition

    I too own a Sony stand alone (unlike yourself I know model no. DVP-NS305 ; )
    And that stand alone is well capable of playing MPEGII , whereas DVD-Video [as we all know] is VOB/BUP/IFO files.

    I own a Silver PS2 [model no. SCPH-50003 or something like that....could look but I'm trying to watch African Nations Cup football - lol] and it has no problem playing any of the back ups I have ever done !

    Let me know if I can be more help*

    herb : ]-~

    When you consider that human hair is typically between 50-100 microns and a Rizla Silver paper is just 20, that's very thin indeed[/small]
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