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DVD decrypter VS DVD Shrinker

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by kaxmir, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. kaxmir

    kaxmir Guest

    Downloaded both of these software programs.
    BRAND BRAND new to DVD copying, burning, etc...

    What are the exact steps to making an EXACT copy of a movie DVD.

    *****Do I use Decrypter first and then Shrinker or Shrinker first and then Decrypter.

    Downloading to my hard drive. Windows XP - NEW laptop plenty of room.

    I need to have EXACT steps from 1, 2, 3, etc......

    Thanks very much
  2. plywood9

    plywood9 Guest

    hello, kaxmir

    there are several dvdshrink and dvddecypter guides
    around here and a bunch of good people to help.

    i use dvdshrink first and then dvddecrypter to burn

    this combo has worked well for me.

    it's overwelming to me at first but after a few
    burns you'll get the hang>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  3. kaxmir

    kaxmir Guest

    Thank you. I will try this. It's really confusing.
    What does the decrypter exactly do?

    I want to copy a store bought DVD movie to play in my DVD player but also to play from my computer.

    I did the shrinker but when I went to burn on Nero (I picked the "copy data to DVD" option. But I received a message stating something to the effect of wrong format.

  4. plywood9

    plywood9 Guest

    ok well if you have nero thats all different deal
  5. wild77

    wild77 Guest

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