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DVD-R/+R Question

Discussion in 'PS2' started by thebearot, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. thebearot

    thebearot Guest

    Let's assume that my ps2 reads DVD+Rs. Does using DVD+Rs have any advantage over using DVD-Rs? I remember seeing some articles stating that DVD+Rs are not as compatiable-friendly as DVD-Rs but their method of recording is newer in technology...or something like that.

    Back to my question, does using DVD+Rs make my ps2 read faster or anything like that? Even though my burner supports DVD+R writing, I never tried them yet because of compatiablilty issue like most people say.

    Could people who have tried them both share your expierence? thanks
  2. danker123

    danker123 Member

    Jan 5, 2004
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    I have a v7 ps2, use both +R and -R and both works fine. Some people with older ps2 can't read +R and some can. It depends on the media you use and sometimes you just get lucky. So the only way to know if your ps2 will read +R is to try it yourself.

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