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DVD ripping ex

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by MATEI, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. MATEI

    MATEI Guest

    I ty to riping my VHS movie, captured with Canopus EZDV 100. I was use Neo DVD. I make menu, set in and out point and on the status bar show "estimate disc space 3,7 GB". But wen i try to burn DVD+R 4,7 GB Neo report thet is no enought space on DVD disc!? What happened with estimate 1 GB? I try to encode with different codec (DivX, DV etc.), change frame size, reduce birate but the resault is same. NOW WHAT? Sorry, but I losing my mind. Where did I can find Some explenations of ripping and burning DVD. Thank you.
  2. jersan_c

    jersan_c Guest

    I just joined another dvd forum @ http://www.myezdvd.com and got a free web/pop3 email address and free demo version of myezdvd 7.0 has cool skins
    and many features and is 1 peice of software that doest it all decrypts, splits vob, demuxes, multipleses back to mpg, mpeg2, avi ( any codec)
    and support streaming formats like wmv, asf and real video, also quicktime. supports all codecs known to man or machine and the quality is super
    great also remember thew time involved in recording a dvd 12-18 hours well not this one take about 4 hours for a movie that is 2-2.5 hours long
    in mpeg2 dvd 720X480 using ac3 audio and you dont need to have 8-10 gig of hdd space to record with so go check it out it free and worth the time
    plus they have chat rooms forums free webmail every thing you need to copy dvd, help, how to guides even a guide on how to use the software to
    make mobile movies for your PDS device or windows ce stuff.

    Check it out http://www.myezdvd.com

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