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DVD Shrink Compression Question

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by Vladibus, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. Vladibus

    Vladibus Member

    Aug 12, 2004
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    Hello everyone
    I like to make 2 backups of all my movies. One backup contains everything on the original DVD. The 2nd backup contains only the main movie. I do this so I have 1 backup with zero or minimal compression. Let's say I make the first backup which contains the entire conents of the movie with alot of compression (50-60%). In order to make my 2nd backup of just the main movie with zero compression, can I just open up the files off my hard drive and choose to burn the main movie? Or will the main movie file be compresssed even though it is originally smaller than 4.7 gigs? Or would I have to start the burn from scratch? Does this make sense?

    Thanks for reading
  2. zippyd

    zippyd Active member

    Aug 4, 2004
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    OK, I think I understand what you're saying, so I'll give it a go.
    It sounds like you are wanting to use the files Shrink puts on your HD and use them again to do your main movie only backup. This could work if in your full disc backup you manually adjust the compression levels of the menus and extras down as much as possible to achieve as little as possible compression on the main movie.
    For what you are wanting to do, I would rip with Decrypter. Then I would open that in Shrink and do whichever you choose(main or full) and burn it to disk.
    Next I would delete the Shrink output and go back and open up my decrypter rip again. Now we do our other backup and burn to disc. Go now and delete the Shrink output and the decrypter rip.
    The only drawback to my method is the extra drive space needed.
  3. wild77

    wild77 Guest

    Have you ever tried putting the movie only on one disc and the extras on a second.I use Decrypter to backup up to my hard drive.Then use Shrink to re-author I usually only do the main movie. Every once and a while I will put the extras on a seperate disc. Some movies will stil need to be compressed even when doing movie only and removing the extra languages.I also use the quality enhancements and deep analysis features in Shrink.You will lose the Menus with this method if that is important to you.

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