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DVD Shrink created DVD not playing

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by kd7edh, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. kd7edh

    kd7edh Guest

    I used DVD Shrink 2.3 to pull only the main video portion of a DVD, using the re-author mode. It created the following files:


    I then opened Roxio Easy CD Creator Classic v6.1, selected DATA project, created a VIDEO_TS folder, and copied the above files to this folder and burned the DVD.

    When I try to play the DVD in my DVD player it says "DATA ERROR". I then place the DVD back into my computer's DVD drive and I am able to see the files on the DVD from the browsing window, and I can select a .VOB file and have PowerDVD player play the video from the DVD fine. Why is the DVD not playing in the DVD player? Did re-authoring leave out some files?

    I did a similar process with DVD Decryptor, and created the VIDEO_TS folder, copied the files it created to the VIDEO_TS folder and burned it and it worked fine. What seems to be the problem?

    For reference, the original DVD contained the following file structure:


    Any suggestions as to why the re-authoring mode did not seem to work would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. LeeFields

    LeeFields Guest

    Hi there. I think your problem is that Roxio Easy CD Creator is not a DVD authering software. You are burning it as a 'DATA' project which will not convert the VIDEO_TS to a readable format for standalone players. I would advise getting a good DVD authering program, these forums are full of them but I personaly use Nero 6 with Shrink. Very good combination.
  3. kd7edh

    kd7edh Guest

    I had the same thought, but the exact same process was uses with DVD Decryptor, except there were more files produced.

    But I am definantly going to try the Nero approach and see if the works. Lukily, they have a demo version that I can use to check. If that then works, then I will buy it, and the problem will be solved. I will post back if this solves the problem.
  4. kd7edh

    kd7edh Guest

    Here's my assumption though. Any DVD burning software that can create a UDF file structure should be able to burn a DVD as long as the video files are placed in the VIDEO_TS folder so that DVD players can find the video information file (video_ts.ifo). Therefore the Roxio setup should work. This is why I am wondering if the problem isn't the buring software or the file strucutre, but the video files themselves.

    This could all be just a big misunderstanding on my part, but that is what I have gathered from the different documents I have read.

    A nice structure overview I found at the Pioneer Technical Guide site at here:

    This may even more reaching, but I wonder if the problem is the re-auth only strips certain titles, and because I told it not to pull the title video file (video_ts.vob) that I just might have a crappy enough standalone DVD player that just gives up if it doesn't find a title menu video file.

    Some one please correct me if this is all incorrect.
  5. leo8013

    leo8013 Guest

    also i was always told when i first started making backup of my movies when i was new I had to make 2 seperate file. AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. even when you look at the guides on this site. they say the same thing. i could be wrong but that is what i was told. look up a guide using dvd decrypter. and yes i know that you are using shrink but it always good to have more then one option

  6. kd7edh

    kd7edh Guest

    Yes, I am aware of both, both are there on my burned DVD, but the AUDIO_TS is empty, so I did not mention it.

    What I really wanted was just the main movie burned, because the whole original DVD is too big to fit on a DVD-R. I tried DVD-Decryptor, but I wanted to remove the menus, so I figured that you would need to re-author the DVD to have it work. I thought that if I just pulled the VOB files and Title Selection Information files, and didn't pull the menu files, the Title Selection Information files would still try to point to the main menu, and I would have problems because they would be missing.

  7. kd7edh

    kd7edh Guest

    According to this:


    The method I used to create a UDF disc seems to be an okay method. The only difference is I used Roxio software instead of Nero. This has me really question what is wrong with the DVD.
  8. yuedana

    yuedana Regular member

    Aug 25, 2003
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    it probably is the burning software. All burning software are not alike. If you do a search for roxio, you will not find too many good things about them in the burning department. Many people don't believe that Roxio software can burn cd's very well. One thread somewhere compared different burning software and found differences between nero and recordnow (the two most successful burning programs) in compatibilities and other issues. Who knows why there are these subtle differences.

    I am assuming that the decrypter burn worked on your standalone. (By the way, what kind and brand of media, what model burner)

    You don't need an AUDIO_TS folder-- I have never made one and have never had any compatibility issues due to it.

    The Shrink reauthor did work. Fewer files means a smaller video. remember, each vob is 1 gb in size so reauthoring changed the number of vob as it got rid of the extras. As you said, it [bold]worked[/bold] on your computer. You did get rid of extras, so there should be fewer files in the reauthor result.
  9. kd7edh

    kd7edh Guest

    Well, I now fully belive that it was the burning software. I found another tutorial that listed a FREE burning software called "burnatonce". I used this to burn the movie files, and the DVD now works.

    So my conclusion, ROXIO burning software is no good for burning DVD movies!
  10. kd7edh

    kd7edh Guest

    Oh, by the way, for those of you who are experiencing a similar problem and would like to use the burnatonce software, it can be downloaded from burnatonce.com.

    And a nice guide can to figure out how to burn the movie files (generated by dvdshrink) is located here:


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