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DVD Shrink - How do I make images to HD to burn later

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by snowmaaan, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. snowmaaan

    snowmaaan Member

    Aug 20, 2004
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    Hi guys

    Is there a simple way to do with DVD shrink?
    I tried to work it out, but got confused with the different file types it creates
    And can't find the directory where it stores them, or more importantly, HOW TO CHANGE IT

  2. michigan

    michigan Guest

    If you are using the newest version, go to the "burn to" area and select "burn to hard drive" and note where it will be putting your file.
  3. bigorange

    bigorange Active member

    Apr 28, 2004
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    snowmaaan, here is a quickie guide I just wrote for someone else, you will need a burning program like decrypter or nero to burn.

    1-open shrink

    2-click on open disc

    3-wait for shrink to analyze(about a minute) and the new screen will come up

    4-here you can go into extras by cilicking on the + mark.

    5-You can change compression on each or substitue still image for each until done. Each can be previewed in the preview window below.

    5a- you can raise compresssion or substitute a still image on all extras at once before you hit the + mark if so desired. By using the still image you maintain a working menu.

    6-if you only want the movie and don't care about a menu, hit re-author, when screen comes up click and drag anything from the right side to the left side that you want to keep and then you will go to set up the analyze and burn features.

    7-To set up burn w/nero click on edit > preferences > fileI/O > enable burn with nero

    8-hit backup

    9-under target device choose either file to your HD, your burner, or iso image file and burn with decrypter

    10-choose your temporary folder, I just create one on my HD called shrink temp.

    11- under quality settings(Iuse this if it's over 10% compression,you must make your own choices here, this will take much longer, but is worth every minute!)check deep analysis and adaptive error compensation. It has been said that max smoothness yields the best results.

    12-hit OK and come back to a finished DVD, leave your PC alone, do not do anything on it while performing backup. No multitasking!

    Hope this helps.


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