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Dvd Shrink will not start,Newb needs help please

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by snake8188, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. snake8188

    snake8188 Guest

    is anyone having trouble starting dvd shrink?
    Every time i try to start it I get the DVD SHRINK log then and error messge obscures it which reads
    "An error occured during start up.
    Number 7 from prjDVDfLICK: out of memory 393"

    I've reformatted 2 or 3 times and this same error comes up with every build I've tried.
    Ive been using DVD Shrink for about a year and all of a sudden this is happening and I can't get in and I don't know why.
    'puter is clean and everything is working as it should.
    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you very much.
    The Newb
  2. johnl123

    johnl123 Regular member

    Nov 3, 2005
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    Try uninstalling DVDshrink, run a reg cleaner, download a fresh copy of the application and reinstall it.

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