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dvd shrink

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by minder10, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. minder10

    minder10 Guest

    i ripped a dvd with dvd shrink it was treasure plant but it would not fit on to a 4.7gb disc after i ripped the dvd it was 4.11gb what ripping softwear do i use
  2. herbsman

    herbsman Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 3, 2002
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    4.11Gb does fit on a 4.37Gb blank media (if your puter says it cant burn over 4Gb then I'd assume you're still running Win98 or something as an O/S)

    What burning software are you trying to burn with ?
  3. minder10

    minder10 Guest

    i have xp pro i am useing nero 6 and dvd shrink 3.0 beta 5 after i ripped the dvd with shrink it would not copy on to a dvd r it says my disc is to small.and i could only shrink it to 4.11
  4. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    I'm not sure where you're getting that message from -

    In order to fit to a 4.7GB disc you must have it down to 4.36GB, period !!

    Your post says you're at 4.1GB well UNDER the max. - it WILL fit !!

    Suggestion, something be rotten in Denmark (Now I'm a-goin ta hear it from the good guys over there)

    Anyway - let's uninstall Shrink and reinstall it from here - http://www.chrismccann.co.uk/DVD_Shrink_v3_beta5.htm

    I would also like for you to throw away your other Guide for DVDShrink and use the one you find at the above site.

    If you find that your ripped disc is Greater than 4.36GB then you'll have to re-author it - no problem, the guide for that should be there also.

    Lastly, here are a couple of hints to assure smooth sailing through Shrink and Nero –

    I create a folder on my HD named "DVD Work" and before ripping my DVD’s I create another sub-folder with the name of the movie I'm backing up. (I.e. DVD Work\Pirates of the Caribbean.) When you click "Backup" in DVDShrink, a box will come up saying "Target Folder:” click "Browse" and trace your path back to "DVD Work\ Pirates of the Caribbean " - when DVDShrink is finished, it will give you your VIDEO_TS folder already made for you in your DVD Work\ Pirates of the Caribbean folder and you’re good to go. Now, if you wish, you can burn it days down the road. At one point I had 23 movies sitting there, just waiting for my shipment of blank DVD media to arrive.

    When you wish to burn, use the "File Browser" in Nero (don’t use Wizard) to trace your path back again to DVD Work\ Pirates of the Caribbean, you don’t have to try to remember where your work is or if you need to do anymore work on it, it is completely finished, ready to go – you are done and done –


    When using DVDShrink

    When using DVDShrink, after inserting your DVD, open Shrink, click “Open Disk”, after Shrink has opened your disc, anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 ½ minutes you’ll see the size of the disc at the bar at the top of stems the page. If you are in the “Red”, simply check off those files you don’t want, I.E. Outer Mongolian or Eastern Yak Basin language, or extra audio files – I keep ACS 6ch, ACS 2ch and Dolby 5.1 if it’s there, most of the rest you can trash. Only do that if you need to lose some stuff to make it fit. You can also gain more room by clicking “Ratio” and increasing the compression - remember, more compression a tiny bit less on the picture quality – when I say “less quality” I’m speaking of theoretically less, nothing you can see with the naked eye.


    When using Nero
    How to burn using Nero 6.0.
    Step by Step –
    Do not use Nero Wizard.
    When you open Nero Burning ROM, you will be at the “New Compilation” window. Directly under the title “New Compilation” is a choice block to choose either DVD or CD, choose DVD. Directly under that click on DVD Video. Then click “New” in the upper right corner of that screen, NOT the main screen.
    You now are in the DVD Video window. In the left screen, click VIDEO_TS. In the File Browser screen, 3rd from the left, trace your path to the DVDShrink folder holding your work and click on that folder. All of your VIDEO_TS files are now opened in the right screen. Click on the top file, hold down the “Shift” key and then click the bottom file thereby hi-lighting the entire column of files. Click and (holding the left mouse button down) drag the entire column of files to the open screen, second from the left.
    Now click the icon on the task bar that shows a match on a disc, and then click “Burn” and Baby, now you are done !!!
    Keep all fingers and toes away from Mr. Computer.
    Go and have your coffee, when Nero is done, it will let you know.

    Let's start over then, we can beat this sucker -
    Happy Holidays,

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