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dvd2avi is taking hours!!!!!

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by critch, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. critch

    critch Guest

    Hi there

    After reading loads on the site i decided to try dvd ripping for the first time. I am trying to make a backup copy of The Wicker Man. Reading the guide on how to do this I have used Smartripper to rip the dvd to my HD. I am now at the stage of using DVD2AVI for whatever it does. The guide said this should take about an hour with a P3/800.

    I have an AMD athlon 2200 running 1800mhz with 512 MB ram and i have only had it a week, DVD2AVI has now topped the 13 hour mark to do whatever it doing with the instructions I have followed on the guide on the website here. What have I done wrong as this will be a difficult task to back up my DVD's if it is going to take this long.

    Also do I need to buy DVDR disks to make this a VCD or will it burn to CDR discs? Also will by cd rewriter be able to burn to DVDR discs? Sorry complete novice at this.

    Thanks Critch
  2. Oriphus

    Oriphus Senior member

    May 31, 2003
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    Firstly, 13 hours? Something gone amiss here. Click on the Adaptec ASPI v4.71.2 <--(click it) and download and install the adaptec version. This may help to solve your problem. Are you getting errors or anything and is the progress bar indicating progress?

    Your CD-Writer will not be able to burn DVDR, its a completely diferent format. Your DVD Writer (if you have one) will be able to write to CD.

    By the sounds of it you are trying to rip a DVD and convert it to VCD. Corect me if im wrong. If you are, then try posting your question in the SVCD help forum. This is mostly for DVD Hardare and problems with that hardware.

    Hope iv helped a bit!
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