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DVDShrink 3.1.7b5 has green screen when previwing extras

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by Noel, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. Noel

    Noel Guest

    I am using DVDShrink 3.1.7b5 and have had some problems. Used DVD Decrypter to rip Region4 Fantastic Voyage and The Great Escape using 2 year old Sony DVD-ROM drive. (Yeah I like the old movies). Problem 1. DVD Shrink said Fantastic Voyage did not need to be analysed as it was smaller than one DVD. But it was actually over 6Gb. So I told DVD Shrink to go ahead and analise anyway, which it did OK.

    Problem 2 occurred on both discs. Some of the extras on both discs when previewing in DVD Shrink just gave a blank green screen with a few odd pixels thrown in here and there and the soundtrack was scrambled. So I re-authored and left them out and the discs burned OK (with full Nero and Pioneer DVR106). Are these a couple of bugs or has anyone else had something similar?

    Since then have had same problem on Dr Dolittle 2. So I tried viewing the disc in PowerDVD and got a message about you cannot view a copy protected disc with the TV out on your video card enabled. So after about 15 mins of fiddling with Nvideo graphics card settings PowerDVD would view it. Ripped it again using DVDdecrypter still had green screen. Ripped it using DVDdecrypter 3.1.9 and worked OK. Any comments?
  2. Noel

    Noel Guest

    Doing a bit of research and looking at posts in the DVDdecrypter forum at http://forum.dvddecrypter.com there seems to be a bug in We will look forward to a new realease soon.

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