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DVDtoOgm - Ogg/Ogm DivX/Xvid Encoder

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by vkem, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. vkem

    vkem Guest


    At the moment we are writing on a Encoder with helps you to create Ogm-Files with chapters, subs and Ogg-sound and which is similar to GordianKnot. Shortly saying OGM is in all ways superior to old AVI. In fact we can't say, that it is finished yet, and we are working quite hard on it, but we'll be happy, if you could have a look at it and tell us, what you think about what is finished yet...

    Remember that is isn't a final, just a alpha and there has to be fixed a lot of bugs and there will be added/completet some more.

    So please don't be too angry if something isn't working. Just send me your settings and i will see. If you like my tool or find it useful, I'm looking forward to your Bug-reports and your ideas...

    Have some fun...


    A little guide for using the program:

    A player which has integrated OGM support:
  2. DVDtoOgm

    DVDtoOgm Guest


    I'm the author of this tool. What are you telling here? Shame on you to call it your tool. I did all the work and i'm still on it.

    If you would be the author you should know that the HP is http://DVDtoOgm.DivX-Digest.com

    CU DVD
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