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Editing gamecode, how to?

Discussion in 'PS2' started by DarkCJ, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. DarkCJ

    DarkCJ Guest

    My only skills are that I know how to program C, I can read binary and Hex, I got a modded PS2 so I can run self-made programs.
    Now I'm wondering how I can EDIT an orginal game, so I can change names and strings in the orginal game.(strings are they called, right?) Ofcourse this has to be done with the computer, by ripping all files from orginal DVD, and then edit them.

    So I don't want to hack RAM-memory of the PS2, but the game itself... It's not for illegal useage, but just for myself.
    Only problem is, how do I know, which values/variabels I should change? I mean, I got a file loaded with a hexeditor and then... right: $#%$>$#KD ... So I don't know where to begin... I mean... What Im I suppose to change, if I want to let my character run FASTER in the game, or be stronger?
    Is there any way to find out, maybe emulators? or something else?? Strings aren't the biggest problem, but integers and floats are... right? please give me some advise... I would really be thankfull.
  2. E_Pizza

    E_Pizza Regular member

    Dec 9, 2004
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    why not just save yourself the trouble and buy action replay, gameshark or some form of similar cheating device. The only game that i know of that can be easily modded is GTA : SA with hdadvance this allows you to mod the game without having to burn discs by using hd handiness you could have a try but really youll probably get nowhere.

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