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Emulers, Please help me, My uploaders cant upload

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by ghostship, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. ghostship

    ghostship Guest

    I have been using eMule, 6+ months, i am not a newbie to the program, only to this site, had no problems with eMule until last week, i got banned because my uploader were uploading to fast, did not know what had happened, i just shut down, reset computer and started eMule again, for two days I could barely get any downloads and any of my 36,000 know clients, and when there did connect, they came in to fast and lost connection within seconds or 2mins max, my downloads are allover the place as well,look at my stats picture.


    My Uploaders are having Heart attacks,i have reinstalled eMule, many times, trying to keep my cryptkey.dat , known.met , clients.met so I could keep every one credits for them, since december they have all Uploaded 80Gbs, and I downloaded 75Gbs, i have been so pleased with the rerurn, I am on line 24/7 and my Downloads are high as pictured


    I have since given up, tyring to save .dat/.met files and started a fresh eMule, but its still happening, my uploaders cant Upload,


    [bold] WHAT CAN I DO, HELP ME, PLEASE [/bold]

    I have checked my internet connection and been incontact with Blueyonder, they say the software is faulty, i have reinstall windows, after a complete format of my drives.

    from Mick a desperate eMuler

  2. ghostship

    ghostship Guest

    [bold]Dont Worry about the the above now[/bold]

    Got the lastest version of eMule last night 42a

    and my uploaders hearts are new beating again

    as you can see


    I dont know what the problem was, I am just glad it sorted its self out

    I just feel sad that my uploaders have lost all there
    credits with me, i hope they can forgive me, they probly dont know any way.

    [bold]ON THE UPSIDE[/bold]

    I would not have found this Fantastic Site, if I had, had no problems with eMule

    Keep it up Guys

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