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Encoding DivX from DVD rip

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by JiXeR, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. JiXeR

    JiXeR Guest

    ok...i've followed afterdawn's guide to the tee, but there's one little problem....where's the final product? this is the quide i've been using.


    now, i've gotten all the way to the last instruction without a glitch...i even followed the orders of "Just click Start and go to sleep, it takes a while :)" but when i woke up, it was finished.....but i realized that i've never told it where to store the final complete divx file, and i've never told it what to officially name it. i've searched my hard drive, but to no avail. can anyone help me?
  2. czolg

    czolg Guest

    That could happen if guide's DVD2AVI steps aren't done correctly and DVD2AVI program "goes through the movie skipping time" and finishes in 15 minutes, not an approximate hour!! Of course that is only one possibility I discovered!
  3. czolg

    czolg Guest

    the location of the first pass file is user selectable and it shows in the end of the guide just look, second pass is your output divx file and I guess it probably goes in the same place as well ( I CAN check THAT for you for sure if you wish!!) I have the VFAPI codec problem and I would like to know that if you add job and first dialog window pops out, it has program recognizable files on the bottom part. Mine is blank, is it yours too?
  4. JiXeR

    JiXeR Guest

    no, mine is not blank it has a name for what i'm ripping. basically, i was ripping Episode 2...so it says...D:\Junk\StarWars - Episode 2\Episode II_d2v_vfapi.avi

    but i will check into what you were saying about my output. thanx.

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