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Energy Source

Discussion in 'PS2' started by SiLenT-J, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. SiLenT-J

    SiLenT-J Guest

    Hello , I'm running a Pstwo V12 with Swap Magic 3.3 and I I'm making a so called "glowing" Ps2 i have a Clear case but I need to know where the power source is to solder the LED's into... or is there another method I can do this Thank you and please post a link to pictures or Post a picture it's self If not tell me what you know plz
  2. SiLenT-J

    SiLenT-J Guest

    Does anyone think that I can tap off that battery on on the top? it looks like it's got a clean side and I can run a wire over to my LED on the left side ^_^?
  3. SiLenT-J

    SiLenT-J Guest

    Maybe I can tap off of the Verical Chipset?

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